Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetes is a disease that can affect many areas of your life. It can even damage your eyes and vision. It is vital to get annual eye exams so that any vision problems related to diabetes can be detected early. While it is rare, blindness can occur in advanced cases, and only routine examinations can identify early signs of the condition. At Henderson Eye Center in Henderson, TX, our eye doctor is an expert in the detection and care of diabetes-related eye conditions, like diabetic retinopathy.   


How Does Diabetes Affect Vision?

Diabetes can affect your vision because poorly controlled blood sugar is a risk factor when it comes to your eyesight. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when the blood vessels located in the tissue at the back of the eye become damaged. Early signs of the condition include:

  • Blurriness
  • Floaters
  • Difficulty in perceiving colors
  • Dark areas of vision

Mild cases are treatable with careful diabetes management, while advanced cases might be treated with surgery or laser treatment. There is a wide range of treatment options, which depend on the severity of the condition. Frequent eye exams are important in catching the condition quickly before it has the chance to develop into an advanced case.

Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy

When it comes to protecting your vision, our optometrist is your first line of defense in identifying possible problems related to your vision. We provide diabetic eye exams for those who are at risk. Our eye doctor will perform special tests to look for diseases like diabetic retinopathy. This includes a dilated eye exam so we can look for damage inside your eyes. Our team is committed to protecting your vision with annual exams. If we determine that you have diabetic retinopathy, our eye doctor will provide the proper treatment. In addition to treatment, we will monitor your eyes to ensure that the disease does not progress quickly.

Contact Henderson Eye Center for a Diabetic Eye Exam

Keeping your eyes healthy is our mission here at Henderson Eye Center in Henderson, TX. Whether you need to schedule an annual exam or you have underlying health risks, such diabetes, we can help. If you are experiencing symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, visit our eye doctor immediately. We also provide preventative care. Diabetic eye exams are vital in protecting your eye health and vision. We are happy to answer any questions you have. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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