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The eye functions with lubrication. Naturally, the body produces a mixture of oils, mucus, and water that regularly lubricates the eye as it sits within the socket and behind the eyelids. When everything is working correctly, the eye is both protected and cleaned by the lubrication mixture emitted by the tear ducts. However, if you are suffering from poor lubrication or inadequate moisture on the surface of your eyes, this is a sign of dry eyes. That's why our team here at Henderson Eye Center is ready to help you understand and manage your dry eyes.

Dry eye

Why Dry Eyes Occur

Dry eye most commonly appears in older patients mainly due to age and cellular damage that comes with age and the body's inability to repair itself. However, in some cases, dry eye can also be caused by an infection, foreign matter in the eye, the eyes' tear ducts or drainage ducts being blocked, or other varying causes. Environmental conditions can also affect the eye's moisture level, such as allergies, chemical reactions, or intentional exposures such as wearing cosmetic eye contacts.

Typical Symptoms

Those who suffer from dry eyes often experience several symptoms at a time. Most conditions that cause dry eyes involve an inability to produce adequate tears and moisture in the eye. In other cases, tears are produced by not of sufficient quality. Tears, as noted earlier, include three ingredients; if there is a shortage of one or two of the elements, then the tears don't work well.

Eye irritation is a common symptom of dry eyes patients usually experience. Other common symptoms include blurred vision, sensitivity to light, burning or stinging sensation, and difficulty driving at night. These symptoms can cause a person to start rubbing their eyes excessively, leading to scratching the eye or lens, triggering even more damage.

How Our Eye Doctors Can Help

If you believe you are suffering from dry eyes, our eye doctors can thoroughly assess your eyes' current condition. Although symptoms may be obvious, it's essential that you consult with our medical professionals for proper dry eye treatment. This includes making sure there aren't other underlying issues occurring that could be related. Treatment for dry eye can start with essential eye moisturizing solutions for basic cases. Our diagnosis will help you understand the source of your dry eyes and how to properly treat the condition in the future.

Contact Us for Dry Eye Treatment from Our Optometrists in Henderson, TX

Our professional staff at Henderson Eye Center can help you manage your dry eyes with effective eye care treatment. Our optometrists can examine your eyes to understand why dry eyes are occurring and provide the appropriate treatment options for your condition. We are committed to helping patients find relief from whatever eye pain or discomfort they may be experiencing. Our eye doctors can resolve your gritty feeling and lack of eye moisture, letting you get your life back on track instead of constantly trying to resolve your issues with eye drops. Contact our Henderson office today to learn more about how we can help.  

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