Eye Allergies

What to Know about Eye Allergies

At Henderson Eye Center, we know how aggravating eye allergies can be. Luckily our optometrists, Dr. David McDonald and Dr. Barbara McDonald, can help you with all of your vision needs. 

Eye allergies are a serious concern for our friends in the East Texas and Henderson, TX, communities. Here’s how an eye doctor can help you with your allergies. 

Eye Allergies

Eye Allergy Symptoms

It’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of eye allergies. Some of these symptoms can be very common, while others are a sign of a severe allergic reaction.

The most common symptoms are dry, itching, and red eyes. While these can also be caused by aggravation, such as rubbing your eyes, they are common responses to an allergic reaction.

Your eyes might also start producing more tears than normal. This is a common response to allergies and is your body’s attempt to flush allergens from the surface of the eye.

Swelling is a sign of a more severe allergic reaction. This is especially the case when your eyes swell so much it interferes with your vision.

If you ever experienced a sudden change in your vision, seek emergency medical care right away. 

What Causes Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies have many causes. Your eye doctor can help you narrow down these potential allergens to find the source of your eye irritation.

Some potential allergens include seasonal changes in weather and plant life, animals and pets, and exposure to certain foods or chemicals. 

Can an Optometrist Help with Eye Allergies?

Did you know your optometrist can help with eye allergies?

Whether you’re looking for an in-depth solution to help you deal with these allergies or you just need a prescription to help you manage a mild problem, your eye doctor is here to help. 

An eye exam is key to getting relief from a chronic eye allergy. Our doctors will assess the state of your vision and help you move toward a solution that has you seeing clearly and comfortably. 

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Are you ready to find relief from your eye allergies? Our eye doctors at Henderson Eye Center are here to help residents of Henderson, TX, and East Texas with all their vision needs. Get in touch with Dr. David McDonald and Dr. Barbara McDonald today at (903) 657-1539 to learn more.


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