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A wide range of eye issues may require eyeglasses for proper management. For instance, if you have nearsightedness, you may need eyeglasses to help you see distant objects clearly. These glasses should come with the right frames to ensure that apart from catering to your vision needs, they also complement your look. At Henderson Eye Center, our optometrists provide quality eye care for residents in Henderson and the surrounding areas in East Texas. Our skilled eye doctors, Dr. David McDonald and Dr. Barbara McDonald will perform a comprehensive eye exam and make sure you get the proper prescription in a great set of frames.


The Need for Eyeglasses

As you grow older, you are likely to develop more eye problems. At times, these issues may correct themselves. However, if left untreated, some can lead to further deterioration of your eyesight. This makes it essential to see an optometrist regularly. Our optometrists will perform tests to determine the current state of your vision and what changes may occur in the future. We will also check how well the lenses in your eyes are focusing light on your retina to ensure accurate image transmission.

Eyeglass Frames

Our eye doctors will assess your facial structure to determine which style of eyeglasses frames will complement your look best. We have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from to compliment your face shape and skin tone. We are likely to suggest a frame that is large enough to cover the lens and reflect light into your eyes so that your vision remains clear and bright.

Your new glasses will be designed in such a way that they lay flat against the bridge of your nose without causing discomfort or pressure. The best part is that you can choose from a wide variety of frames to find the perfect one for your glasses.

Contact Henderson Eye Center for Quality Eyeglasses

Our eye doctors at Henderson Eye Center provide quality eye care services and eyewear for residents in Henderson and the surrounding areas in East Texas. We will help you explore the various options available for eyeglasses and frames according to your budget as well as your lifestyle. Our impressive range of products also includes sunglasses which are designed to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. Call our team today at (903) 657-1539 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form if you are considering new glasses or sunglasses.

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