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Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Being able to see clearly and observe your world is not only a privilege but a societal joy. The health of your eyes depends on so many factors, yet our Henderson Eye Center has every possible method of maintaining your vision and overall well-being. We want you to be able to view your loved ones and nature for the remainder of your life.


Having your eyes periodically checked by our optometry specialists is a necessity to ensure your vision is free of disease or any impending conditions that can debilitate your eyesight, or precautionary measures to decrease the onset of disease which could cause blindness.

What's Involved in an Eye Exam?

Visiting our Henderson Eye Center is the best step you'll ever make towards healthy vision. Every one of our eye exams involves a series of tests to evaluate your vision and check for diseases, which can include any or all the following:

  • Having you read charts to detect whether you're nearsighted or farsighted
  • Gathering your medical history and any vision problems you may be experiencing
  • Measuring your visual acuity to determine whether you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision
  • Administering a numbing drop in your eyes to measure eye pressure
  • After dilation, our optometrist shines a bright light into your eyes to investigate for imbalances in all parts of the eyes

Each of the above tests are designed to check your vision and to examine all parts of the eye, especially if you're suffering from any intense redness or overall discomfort.

What Type of Vision Exams Do We Provide?

We take every precautionary measure to ensure your eyes are healthy and vibrant for years to come. Our skilled optometrists offer the following types of eye exams for every patient who might need an extra boost in caring for your eyes:

  1. An Eye muscle test--to determine eye control and eye muscle movement
  2. A visual acuity test--shows us how clearly you can see
  3. Refraction assessment--estimates whether you need corrective eyewear.
  4. A perimetry test--a visual field test that determines whether you have difficulties seeing areas in your overall field of vision.
  5. Color vision test--we present multi-colored dot patterns to understand if you have a propensity towards color blindness or not
  6. Retinal examination--an evaluation of the back of your eye, the optic disk, and the underlying layer of blood vessels that support the retina

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If your exam yields any abnormal results, we're here to provide correction and support. Request your appointment today at (903) 657-1539.

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