Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams Set Kids Up for a Lifetime of Healthy Vision

Eye care is a cornerstone of pediatrics and it’s something we focus on at Henderson Eye Center in Henderson, TX. The health of your child’s eyes and quality of his vision can affect many areas of life, from socialization or academics. Catching vision problems early lets your kid get fitted with glasses or contacts, providing him with crisp 20/20 vision. A skilled pediatric optometrist can also catch other eye conditions early. This gives you more options for treatment and a better chance of a good outcome.


When Should You Schedule Your Kid’s Eye Exams?

Did you know that it’s recommended for children to get their first comprehensive eye exams at six months old? After that, it’s recommended that they get their eyes looked at when they turn three, when they enter first grade, and about every two years afterwards. Of course, if your child complains of eye pain or blurry vision, you should schedule a checkup with your optometrist immediately.

What’s Involved in a Pediatric Eye Exam?

The optometrist will ask about your child’s medical history, including whether or not the baby was full-term and if any complications happened during the pregnancy or delivery. Other questions will cover your child’s current health, including any allergies or medications being taken.

Your optometrist will then test your child’s vision. These tests are tailored for specific ages. For example, during an infant eye exam, an optometrist may check how the child’s pupils respond to bright light. Your eye doctor may also test if the baby can focus on a toy that’s being moved or a colorful shape on a card.

For children old enough to cooperate and give feedback, the exams may be more in-depth. Your kid’s optometrist may shine a light into his eyes to examine their inner structures, check for lazy or crossed eyes, and give color blindness tests.

If something irregular comes up, the eye doctor will discuss your pediatric eye care options. This might include further testing, another check-up in a few months, medications, or referral to another specialist. For children who do need glasses, your doctor can talk to you about your options, including scratch-resistant coatings, sports frames, and more.

The Premier Pediatric Optometrist in Henderson, TX

Our optometrists at Henderson Eye Center are friendly, knowledgeable, and have a lot of experience working with children of all ages. Give us a call at (903) 657-1539. You can also set up an appointment for kid eye exams or other vision needs through our online form.

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