Family Eye care

We rely on our vision in every stage of our lives, which is why Henderson Eye Center provides eye care for people of all ages. We're a leading provider of family eye care and offer a wide range of vision services. Every member of your household can benefit from seeing an optometrist at our office in Henderson, TX. 


Pediatric Eye Care 

Vision problems can impact child development, which is why eye care should start early in life. The American Optometric Association recommends that most children have their first eye exam when they are six months old, as well as appointments at ages three and five. Once a child starts school, they should have a comprehensive eye exam each year. 

If your child shows symptoms of vision problems, or if your child has a high risk of developing vision irregularities, you may want to schedule exams more frequently. Our experienced pediatric optometrists can provide your child with eye exams and prescribe eyeglasses if there are issues with your child's vision.

Adult Eye Care

Many adults work in front of computer screens for long hours, which can cause discomfort and vision strain. In addition, it's common for adults to develop vision problems later in life. 

Even if you don't wear glasses or contacts, you should come in for an eye exam at least once every five years. That way, an optometrist will be able to detect changes in your vision as well as any other irregularities. 

Adults that wear glasses or contacts also need regular exams to make sure that their prescription stays accurate. We'll examine your eyes and provide you with treatment when you need it. 

Senior Eye Care

It's common to experience dramatic changes in vision after turning 60. Seniors are also at high risk for developing vision disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment, which makes regular examinations all the more important. 

Adults over the age of 60 should have their eyes examined once each year. Seniors should also see an optometrist immediately if they notice any unusual symptoms or changes in their vision. 

Vision loss can be hard to deal with, but we can provide treatments and solutions that will help seniors maintain their independence. By seeing an eye doctor regularly, seniors can detect vision disorders early on and get appropriate treatment for any vision problems. 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Eye Doctor in Henderson, TX

Proper eye care is always important, which is why Henderson Eye Center treats patients of every age. Whether you make an appointment on your own or schedule eye exams for your whole family, we'll make sure you get the care that you need. To make an appointment at our Henderson, TX office, call (903) 657-1539.

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